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Бильдербергский клуб Билдърбъргска група Bilderberg Group Bilderberg-Konferenz Grupo Bilderberg Groupe Bilderberg

"We shall have world government, whether or not we like
it. The question is only whether world government will
be achieved by consent or by conquest."

James Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950

Bilderberg Group

"We are grateful to "The Washington Post",
"The New York Times", "Time Magazine" and other great publications
whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their
promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been
impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been
subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But,
the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march
towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an
intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the
national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

David Rockefeller

Bilderberg group are informal, private meeting of influential and wicked industriyaltsi, bankers, military, politicians, media moguls, monarchs.

The meetings of the self-styled elite secret not to debunk the myth of "sovereignty," "self-regulating market economy", "free market", "freedom of speech" and "democratic traditions".

While striving to keep everything a secret, it is not possible to hide the presence of a place of future presidents, the chancellor and prime ministers, kings, princes and princesses, bankers, heads of secret services, owners of the media and large corporations.

The majority of those invited to Bildarbargska conference are NATO members. Since 1989, attended by representatives from other countries. Due to the secret nature of Bilderberg Club meetings, like meetings of the "Council on Foreign Relations" and "Chatham House Rule", official information about them is not published. Do not know if conferences are held in the form of discussions, whether members vote on decisions or simply "Big Brother" called his "allies" to instruct them.

Participants in the conference are Bilderberg Club about 130 people, its duration is usually three days, the participants were 2/3 Western Europeans third North Americans. About one-third of the participants are members of governments or political institutions, two-thirds are bankers, owners of large corporations, media moguls and heads of universities, but all participate as individuals, not as officials of their official positions.

The main core Bilderberg Club members are military strategists of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance. After 1972, and women participate in meetings. The most active members of the club are Giovanni Agnelli (Fiat), David Rockefeller (Chase Manhattan Bank), and Henry Kissinger.

"The illegal we do immediately;
the unconstitutional takes a little longer."

Henry Kissinger (New York Times, Oct. 28, 1973)

Since meetings are informal Bilderberg conference, there are no official documents concerning the decisions to be adopted by members. For them there is only logical conclusions concerning the origin of events in political and public life, after another Bildarbargska conference. Because a part of history not written, but is determined.

For example, the German journalist Andreas von Rétyi in his writings of the view that Bildarbargskata group behind the murder of Alfred Herrhausen - top manager of Deutsche Bank, thanks to whom the Bank is a leader in Germany and one of the leaders in the world.

Also behind the assassination of Olof Palme, speak opinions that stand Bilderbergerite. Swedish Social Democrat Olof Palme offers idea for a nuclear-free zone in Europe. This idea is supported by the church. On 03/28/1986 Olof Palme was assassinated, and Swedish police led the investigation of the killing disinterested, does not take into account the testimony of eyewitnesses. Originally "informed" that the RAF-terrorists were responsible for any murder committed - in the style of Gladio. When lying becomes evident released versions that stood behind the murder Kurdistan Workers' Party, then do supporters of South African apartheid, to which Olof Palme critical tenets, etc.

Some authors explain the oil crisis of 1973, with a planned conference in Saltshyobaden Bilderberg conference (Saltsjöbaden) / Sweden to strengthen the dollar and the U.S. economy, and for this purpose it was created shortage of oil.

At the conference in 1988 in Bildarbarg Telfs-Buchen, was invited Helmut Kohl, who two years later unites Germany.

In 6.yuni - 9.yuni 1991 Bildarbargska Baden-Baden/Germaniya conference, Bill Clinton was invited - then governor of Arkansas. After his consecration in the "North American Free Trade Agreement" (NAFTA), Bill Clinton promises to help. One year later, Clinton has arrived in the White House. In 1993 he was "elected" president, but of 01.01.1994 "North American Free Trade Agreement" entered into force.

At the same conference 1991 was invited Jacques Santer, who was 23. January 1995 was "elected" President of the European Commission.

The same goes for Tony Blair, who after participating in the spectacle of Bildarbargite, became chairman of the Labour Party, and soon afterwards the Prime Minister.

Also Romano Prodi was first invited to participate in the conference and Bildarbargska soon be "selected" for the Prime Minister of Italy and President of the European Commission.

Turkish Foreign Minister Emre Gönensay and Governor of Turkish Central Bank Gazi Ercel visit the Conference of Bilderbergerite 30.may - 1.yuni 1996 in Toronto / Canada. Four days later, the government of Mesut Yılmaz resigned to give way to islyamista Necmettin Erbakan. In the style of Bilderbergerite to incite ethnic and religious conflicts that lead to destabilization of the region.

The conference 14.may - 17.may 1998 Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland, attended Baron Robertson of Port Ellen, who in August 1999 was "elected" NATO Secretary-General.

Angela Merkel has been invited to participate in a conference Bildarbargskata 5.may 2005 - 8.may 2005, half a year later the 22.noemvri 2005, Merkel "won" the election as chancellor of Germany.

Presidents and prime ministers appear something like "Casting" to Bilderbergskiya club, then they are "elected by the people."

In statements Etienne Davignon, a decision on the introduction of the euro was adopted Bildarbargska a conference. Decision establishing the European Community, also adopted Bilderberg conference statements by John McGhee.

"Die vier Botschafter brauchten über das
Berlin-Abkommen nicht viel zu verhandeln. Sie
brauchten nur den Text zu unterzeichnen, den
die Bilderberger ausgearbeitet hatten."

Henry A. Kissinger - Potsdam 1993


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