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Конституция России Конституция Беларусь Демократична държава Демократія Democracy Demokratie Democracia Démocratie ประชาธิปไตย Democrazia Демократија Democracia Demokrati Δημοκρατία دموکراسی

For God people fall into sinful and righteous.
After his death, sinners go to hell, but the righteous to heaven.
In democratic countries, people are divided into rich and poor.
It poor live before his death in Hell and rich in Paradise.


The word democracy comes from the Greek Δημοκρατία, from δῆμος - people and κρατία - means power and ideal society in which a vote of the majority, manage people.

The term democracy originated in ancient Greece and means government by the people directly. The term "nation" was at that time strictly defined and covered a very thin stratum of population which is allowed to participate in political life.

All political systems since the Ancient Greece to the present day, claim to be democratic.
Blue - countries that call themselves democracies.
Red - countries that do not identify themselves as democratic.

After the Cold War, the winners in her claim to determine which countries are democratic. And these are the countries of NATO, the European Union and all countries that are allowed to be privatized by the Western democracies. For all other countries apply the term capitalist device dictatorship and Rogue state.
Democratic Countries
On 04/01/2013 the most famous French actor Gerard Depardieu, the French gave up their citizenship in order to obtain Russian citizenship, with the words:

"La Russie est une grande démocratie"
Gérard Depardieu

Western mainstream media and Astroturfing in social networking sites, responded with profanity and insults at the great actor Gerard Depardieu.

But the biggest slap in the face "crystal clear Democrats' open letter was Gérard Depardieu:

"Mon père était un communiste
de l'époque, il écoutait Radio
Moscou! C'est aussi cela, ma culture."

In order to discredit him, the Western media and their claque in the Internet interpreted the act of Gérard Depardieu, as greed does not pay taxes in France. The claim that obtaining foreign citizenship can save you from paying taxes is a lie. Be payable in the country where the profit, regardless of the nationality of the contractor.

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on
what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed
lamb contesting the vote. "

Benjamin Franklin

During the development of organisms on Earth, it appears most appropriate ovulation in women remain hidden process and the man does not know when and by whom zabremyala woman to assist in raising offspring.

In the process of development of human society to be the most appropriate management remain hidden behind the scenes. While the ancient kings fought during the War of the trenches, then in the Middle Ages and up to the second world war, leaders left behind guarded by direct hostilities.

"The world is governed by very different
personages from what is imagined by those
who are not behind the scenes."

Benjamin Disraeli

In modern society, the ruling remain anonymous to the public and shall be minimize risk in case of injury to life or lose their fortunes.

Similarly, the political management of the economy legal owners of the means of production are figureheads. The real owners remain anonymous to the public and most are from other countries or even another continent. This principle of management by proxies, is used in relations between states: For example Germany, the U.S. stooge, stooge Republic of Germany, etc.

When deciding on sanctions against disobedient countries such as Belarus or Iran, U.S. not to dirty their hands, sending Germany, Poland, Lithuania, EU, etc. allies to organize the procedure.

In politics, this method of removal of traces is called Plausible deniability. In oblatta information technology called encryption.

"Capitalism is a brilliant tool
to make money, not to wear
personal responsibility."

Ambrose Bierce 1906

The management of modern society, is carried out by political parties. In countries with multiparty governance is established practice to be generated for parties that do not seek to govern, but only to discredit the other parties to the public. An example is the Marxist party in the Netherlands "Marxistisch-Leninistischen Partij Nederland" (MLPN), created jointly by the U.S. and the Dutch secret service CIA and BVD. CIA campaign called Operation Red Herring.

The role of the party "MLPN" was to set the public against communism and to gather information about what students and intellectuals sympathetic to leftist parties. This method of discrediting disliked parties, combined with Western Democracies terrorist acts carried out by paramilitary organizations as "Gladio".

The device of modern democracies, elections are a key way to legitimize power and they are free of coercive elements.

The difference between "Cumshot" in porn movies
and "Cumshot" in political elections is that porn
end with "Cumshot" on the face of the woman and
political parties begin to manage people with
ejaculation on his face.

Exceptionally power can be legitimate without elections: In November 2012, the United States, France and the EU recognize the Syrian opposition abroad, led by Ahmed Muas al-Chatib, as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

As far as is known Syrian opposition is represented by a council of 60 members, only four of them are famous names. As is - so. According to official media, Syrian opposition is responsible for blowing up car bombs in front of girls' schools in Syria, as well as public executions and torture of helpless detainees.

Theoretically, all parties have the right under certain conditions to participate in the elections. Effectively control the two parties: the center-left and center-right, which cycle through a longer or shorter period change roles of governing and opposition (fable of bat and weasel). Since the difference in the management of one of the other party or coalition is negligible, it's about government and its back government - opposition is "Second unit" of the ruling.

The same principle is applied in the economics of modern democratic society: Chain stores are "competing" with other chain stores with different prices for the same items, both chains belong to the same concern.

Firms producing the same product to compete where one company survives and the other fails, both of which are owned by the same developer.

The principle of generating competitive economy and generate political opposition, is used in generating opinions among the population - Astroturfing. The scenario is always the same: pro-Western citizens earning over minority losers nostalgirashti for socialism.

During the Cold War, the government in western democracies condemn actual opposition by calling them communists. After the Cold War, communism is already outdated, and opposition in the true sense of the term in Western democracies is called conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theorists and the so-called Whistleblower, dissidents are in a democratic state.

They are subjected to repression. In a country with democratic traditions mildest form of repression in terms of disliked individuals, is called mobbing - psihoteror, organized by the employer and repressed targets lose their job. When it comes to some public dissent, the more severe methods - they are accused of criminal offenses (mostly rape of women).

In modern democratic states have freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of political opinion, freedom of information. All they are allowed when there is no guarantee to prevent dominant.

"Die welt ist nicht so wie sie sich vorstellen.
Es gibt Interessen, es gibt Werte. Aber die
Vorstellung es gibt Menschenrechte, und die
setzt man jezt durch, egal was da kommt[...]
[...]So funktioniert die Welt nicht."

Joschka Fischer

"The world is not as they imagine.
There are concerns, there are values​​. but
Suggest that there were human rights, and the
is given by Jezt no matter what comes [...]
[...] This is not how the world works."

Joschka Fischer

GSM cell phones are permitted for use after ensuring that it can be tapped.

Slave trade shall be prohibited where the use of slave labor became economically inefficient (Eric Williams).

Organ donation will be banned when the market came out artificial organs.

Monarchy as a form of government is replaced by a republic when ensuring that elections can be manipulated.

"If voting changed anything
they would make it illegal."

Emma Goldman

Women appear on the political scene when ensuring that politicians do not influence policy. Because 90% of the goods of the earth are the property of men.

Facebook, Skype, and video surveillance in the streets coming into widespread use when computer programs improve recognition cheveshko face and human voice. And there are already programs that recognize different emotions in facial expressions.

In modern democratic society to ensure control over every citizen and its dependence on official power. In ancient and medieval man was able to fully cover the needs of its own production - Self-sufficiency and therefore the only way to force the masses to work for the ruling was violence. In a big city, one is not able to meet even the basic needs of their own production, so he had to sell his labor to sell sex, and if his luck - to sell the work of others.


Along with countries with democratic governments, there are countries with totalitarian form of government - the so-called dictatorships. Tatalitarizmat is characteristic of one-party rule with a president who is theoretically elected officials, however, are often managed by the end of his life and becomes tedious.

"Disadvantage" of continuous management of a single head of state is that over time he and his country gained its sovereignty izvastna. Practice in different parts of the world shows that the puppet presidents after a while their idea to nationalize the national wealth and minerals - owned by foreign "investors". Therefore, it is necessary that they be declared dictators and through color revolutions, to be removed from power.

Usually misinformed people in these color revolutions has no idea what's going on, but is enthusiastic about the change.

Totalitarian form of government can compare images with computer programs that are stored in ROM (Read-Only Memory) ie embedded. Such a concept of "embedded system", does not allow the use of other programs than those provided by the computer manufacturer, but does not allow external manipulation, due to computer viruses and spyware.

This principle is used in all modern electronic devices such as mobile phones, camcorders, televisions, etc. They have built-in Firmware, which is software written in Flash, EPROM, EEPROM or ROM. This program is called "Firmware", can not be changed by users, except as may be changed only with special equipment. Guarantee operation of any electronic device is the presence of Firmware, which can not be altered. Guarantee the functioning of the totalitarian state is one-party leadership.

Totalitarian form of government or dictatorship, is most often used in countries which, because of its geographical position and natural resources in their territory, are a frequent target of the Great Powers. Totalitarianism can be left or right. Leftist dictators are not willing to cooperate with "investors" and are a constant target of Western democracies. Right on dictators, as well as to the right terrorists (Anders Breivik, NSU), Western democracies are tolerant and generous. According to some authors, rightwing dictatorships and coups of the 1950s onwards, organized and funded by the Western democracies.

Democratic states compared with totalitarian have a major advantage: To nurture hope among the population that the change of government, change and management.

"Aber schließlich sind es die Führer eines Landes, die die Politik bestimmen, und es ist immer leicht, das Volk zum Mitmachen zu bringen, ob es sich nun um eine Demokratie, eine faschistische Diktatur, um ein Parlament oder eine kommunistische Diktatur handelt. ... das Volk kann mit oder ohne Stimmrecht immer dazu gebracht werden, den Befehlen der Führer zu folgen. Das ist ganz einfach. Man braucht nichts zu tun, als dem Volk zu sagen, es würde angegriffen, und den Pazifisten ihren Mangel an Patriotismus vorzuwerfen und zu behaupten, sie brächten das Land in Gefahr. Diese Methode funktioniert in jedem Land."
- Hermann Göring

"But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."

As in nature there are elements in pure form and in human society there is no pure democracy or pure totalitarian governments. For example, in one of the most democratic countries - Germany, everything is located underground at a depth of less than 1,5 m, belongs to the state, regardless of who owns the land. This does not interfere with German politicians, with their specific double moral blame Vladimir Putin's dictatorship, because it does not allow privatization of oil and gas in Russia - the fox and sour grapes.

And especially critical of Russia became the West after Russia repaid all its debts to the West. No debt - no pressure in your internal affairs.

The signing of the "Law rpm inostrannыh agentah" by Vladimir Putin once again led German politicians to hysteria. Analog Control Act funding to NGOs that aim to interfere in the internal affairs exists in the U.S. in 1938 - Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).
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