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Electricity pricing
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Electricity pricing

While Bulgaria more progress in privatization and attracting foreign "investors" in April 2012 Argentine Senate voted for the nationalization of 51% of the largest in the Argentine oil concern YPF, a subsidiary of Spain's Repsol-concern.

Bolivia parasite begins with the nationalization of the Spanish "investments" in energy - Iberdrola, yet mid-2012 on the basis fair prices for electricity, in the words of President Evo Morales. Moreover Evo Morales nationalized and telecommunications corporations and oil.

According to the Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL) - Organization of the United Nations after 2011 left Bolivia's status as the poorest Latin American country. After 2005 the country takes the road of socialism and the poor, who accounted for 38.2% in 2011 has gone to 20.9%. Unemployment in 2005 accounted for 8.2% in 2011 is now 3.2%. Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations Dennis Racicot also congratulated the new government success in reducing poverty. Already in 2014, even US credit rating agencies assess Bolivia's high.

According to the publications of Richard Estes and colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania, in 1990 the quality of life of people around the world was better than today. Only in Latin America from the 1970s to myself there was no change in living standards.

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