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Teresa Orlowski
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Тереза Орловски Тереза Орловски Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orłowska Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski
Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Тереза Орловска Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski ترسا اورلوسکی ترسا اورلوسکی Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski
Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski Teresa Orlowski

Teresa Orlowski - Foxy Lady

Teresa Orlowski (a spouse Teresa Moser) is the most popular German porn star of all time. Born on 29. Juli 1953 in Breslau / Poland in a traditional Catholic family, Teresa Orlowski began his career as a stripper and pornoizpalnitelka subsequently porn producer. In 1993, in an interview with German television, Teresa Orlowski says that from small dreamed of becoming an actress and her dream has come true.
The communist regime in Poland at the time was an obstacle to her career of porn actress. In an interview with Teresa Orlowski he says he wants another life and stew in Poland. 26 years, Teresa Orlowski moved to Germany.

1979 Teresa Orlowski works in Germany. Two years later she met photographer Peter Philipp, who first offers Photo Session. In 1981, Teresa Orlowski married German porn movie director Hans Moser, known under the pseudonym Sascha Alexander, and later known as John Thompson. With him Teresa Orlowski founded in 1982 publishing VTO (Verlag Teresa Orlowski aka Video Teresa Orlowski). Furnishes great shooting complex for 30 million marks in 1988 in Hanover. With two studios - 750 m² and 250 m² of fully automated lighting, 2,000 m² offices, 1,000 m² storage and copying and a restaurant for 110 professional staff. While most pornoprodutsenti and then photographed with semi camcorders, Teresa Orlowski worked expensive video recorders 1 "C.

Teresa Orlowski told German television that every day receives hundreds of letters from around the world to wish to participate in the film it. In her words, Theresa Orlovska failed to shoot everyone in the world motivated by the high cost of crew. The studio complex actually went bankrupt in 1989. In the same year, Teresa Orlowski divorced, but retained its name in man - Teresa Moser.

In the early 90s Teresa Orlowski trying to etablira satellite TV porn channel, but did not receive permission from the German authorities officially due to existing ban on broadcasting pornographic films on German television in connection with the law to protect children.

In fact, at that time the porn industry in Germany is booming and TV porn channel would reduce trade with VHS-cassettes. With the advent of the Internet in the late 90s, the German porn industry proved uncompetitive US and Russian porn industry and politicians in Germany "overcome" the moral habits of German society, allow broadcasting of Hardcore-Porno and German television, like the old Romans, that 200 years BC prohibit enslavement for debt, official pressure on the population. In fact, at the time of the Roman Empire due to wars of conquest, coming more and more prisoners as slaves in Rome, so enslavement because of unpaid debts becomes unnecessary.

According to the German tabloids, Teresa Orlowski lives currently in Marbella / Spain, in a villa on the beach with a young man - a former tennis instructor and relies sentence of Hanover Court not to take effect. It comes to payment by credit card without coverage. In an interview said:

"I no longer live in Germany, how come warrant for my arrest? I'll call my lawyer. I recently did surgery and I face blue-green."

In her words, Teresa Orlowski is currently engaged in his hobby - to cook and bake a cake.

On the question:
"Do you consider pornography art?"
Teresa Orlowski replied:
"Solange es Leute gibt, die Geld dafür bezahlen, nenne ich es Kunst."
"As long as there are people who pay the money for it, I call it art."


"Ich weiß, was die Männer sehen wollen, und ich werde sie nicht enttäuschen. Ein Film für Frauen ist langweilig bis zum Gehtnichtmehr. Als Frau hätte ich nichts davon. Ich sage, ich möchte irgendwann einen Schwanz haben. Der Mann sieht, daß ich große Brüste habe, warum darf ich nicht wissen, was er in der Hose hat. Frauen sagen, ach, ich stehe auf breite Schultern. Was habe ich von den Schultern?

Es gibt vielleicht 20 Prozent Frauen, die naturgeil sind. Die anderen sind entweder überhaupt nicht für Sexualität zu gewinnen, oder sie machen Pflichtprogramm, weil der Arsch die Miete bezahlt.

"There are perhaps 20 percent of women who are naturally horny. The others are either not on sexuality win, or make mandatory program because of the ass Paid rent."
- Teresa Orlowski, 1998

Die Holländer sind total offene Menschen. Sie sagen zum Beispiel: Ich stehe auf dicke Frauen und haben auch die Chance, sie zu kriegen. Der Deutsche würde das Gegenteil behaupten: Wir haben ein super Sexleben, wir brauchen keine Pornographie, aber heimlich onanieren sie, die armen Schweine.

90 Prozent alleinstehende Männer Pornographie konsumieren und ein paar Prozente alleinstehende Frauen, die heimlich gucken und wissen wollen, was Männer so mögen."

Teresa Orlowski

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