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Standard of living
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Уровень жизни Жизнен стандарт Lebensstandard Standard of living Nivel de vida Niveau de vie Standard di vita Levnadsstandard Elintaso Életszínvonal

Quality of life and standard of living

Standard of living is a concept that characterizes the socio-cultural well-being of members of society compared with other members of the same community or in comparison to members of other societies. As determining factors are considered living conditions and the satisfaction of material and spiritual needs.

Since the earth's resources are constant, countries fight each other for the redistribution - a zero-sum game. Accordingly, the standard of living of a country depends on the share of land resources that the state controlled.

And every crisis, financial crisis, oil crisis, etc., for a country means a collapse in the economy and falling living standards of its population, for others - economic growth and raise living standards.

Standard of living East Europe & USA 1990-2014
Falling living standards
in Eastern Europe, respectively
raising living standards
in Germany and the US
for the period 1990-2014

Besides falling living standards due to deindustrialisation, Eastern Europe is experiencing depopulation and population even without "Generalplan Ost".

Depopulation of the population of Eastern Europe 1990-2014

Winners and losers of EU integration
Winners and losers in
the European family.
"Ex unitate vires"
Unity makes strength!

The Standard of living is relative, not absolute, depending on factors as evaluating, and their interpretation: If the main criterion for determining the standard of living in one country into life expectancy, then Japan is the country with the highest standard in the world.

If for main criterion be taken into attention number of billionaires, the number of inmates serving sentence, number of private prisons, in which officially are executed death sentence and torture (letter of July 23rd, 2013 from Eric Holder with promise that Edward Snowden will not be tortured and executed), secrets courts (United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) and secret prisons, the number of sufferers from obesity, in consequence consumption of foods from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), almost twice more raped women, from as where and to is the world, the lack of paid annual leave and the lack of paid sick leave, military spending, markets for human organs and tissues, energy consumption and environmental pollution, then the United States is the country with the highest standard in the world. Less than 5% of the world population lives in the United States, and consume over 25% of global resources and is the cause of 30% of environmental pollution (see the movie "The End of Poverty" 2008).

World’s Highest Standard of Living
"World’s Highest Standard of Living"

If the main criterion for determining the standard of living in a country, taking into account the lack of starving, homeless and without access to medical care and education of children, then Cuba and North Korea are the countries with the highest living standard in the world due to the planned economy.

If the main criterion for determining the standard of living in a country take into account the number of citizens with their own home and the number of street fountains for drinking water, then Bulgaria is still one of the top places, and Germany is the last place in Europe . In Germany existent street fountains for drinking water. There are only establishments with friendly waiters.

Until the annexation of East European countries in the EU, Greece was leading in the EU with the largest share their own homes, and Germany with the smallest share of their own homes population. Greece is a country with at least suicides in Europe. According to Eurostat, in 2011, most own homes in the EU is in Bulgaria and Romania.


In Germany 90% of the population lives rental in big cities the proportion of tenants is even greater (perhaps 99%) at the expense of the people of the village, many of which have their own home. Life in the country in Western Europe and the possibility of acquiring its own housing, thematize in the movie "revenge" (Director: Götz Spielmann) of 2008

If the main criterion accept cases illegitimate children (ie sociability of women rezpektivno social degradation), then Bulgaria is the country with the highest standard in Europe.

If the main criterion for determining the standard of living in a country take into account the amount of old cars Western brands, then Bulgaria will be the first in the world.

One of the classic propaganda clichés to determine the standard of living of a country is to take note of the goods it produces. GDR produced "Trabant" FGR - "Mercedes". Of course not discussed how much of the population of the FRG can not afford "Mercedes" and what part of the population of the GDR - "Trabant".

World’s Highest Standard of Living

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Article 24:
"Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable
limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay."

Надпис на пощенска марка от
<a href=СССР : Всеки от нас има право на почивка">
Inscription of a postage stamp of the USSR:
"Each of us has the right to leave."

But these human rights probably had practical application only during communism - a period in the history of Bulgaria, during which Bulgaria has not signed any of the clauses "Universal Declaration of Human Rights." In the cradle of democracy - US workers are not entitled to any paid annual leave or paid their hospital. In the US most people and do not go on holiday for fear of losing her job.

World’s Highest Standard of Living

Lowering the standard of living of the 1990s Sam has a positive impact on the rich around the world. According to "Bloomberg Billionaires Index" (list of billionaires) in 2012 the rich have increased their wealth by another 241 billion dollars. Based on the exchange of 31.12.2012, the hundred richest people have a total 1.9 billion dollars, or an average of 20 billion dollars a head.

Typical of the rich is that they themselves do not produce anything, and are the owners of the goods and the fruits of the labor of others. Most rich people do not invest in industries and innovation. They only attack companies, currencies and countries and having them weaken and destroy, like vultures to short selling (short selling) make huge profits.

The most important source from which the rich increase their wealth are shares. According to MSCI World-Index, stocks worldwide have increased in price by 13.2%. According to S & P 500 in the US shares have risen by 13.4%. Stoxx Europa 600 Index has risen since June 2012 by nearly 20% as investors have come to the conclusion that the Greek crisis will not lead to the collapse of the EU.

Nine of the twelve richest billionaires live in the US. The American multibillionaires is half of the total wealth. The US is currently home to more than 20 million drones (6% of the population) in Gated community.

In Europe and Russia billionaires are 34 in Asia - 14 in Latin America - are billionaires 11. But according to the media the biggest yachts are owned by Arabs and Russians. Perhaps Americans prefer to use the aircraft for round the world trips.

Consumption of goods after the financial crisis of 2007 declined parallel to increase the status of the rich. Commercial bosses increase profits not because the sale of goods has increased, but because their smaller competitors ruinirani crisis, which is why large monopolize the industry.

Jeff Bezos as added in 2012 another 6.9 billion dollars for bankrupt rival Borders. Profit of US $ 6.9 billion actually leads to the destruction of 20,000 jobs.

Increase the status of billionaires and the parallel decrease the standard of living is a feature of the world economy after the Cold War.

The greatest increase in the ownership of the richest countries with the most severe recession. In Spain, for example, Senor Ortega, founder of Inditex, in 2012 only increased their wealth by 22.2 billion dollars.

Thanks to the high rate of stock and high prices of real estate in the West, the property of the richest Americans in 2013 further increased. The total amount of the 400 richest Americans on the list of "Forbes", estimated at two billion dollars, as never before in human history. In 2012 their property amounted to "only" 1.7 billion US $. On top of the rankings in the last 20 years stands the richest man on Earth - Bill Gates.

The year in which the Bulgarians were no longer able to pay their bills and began to spontaneously protest, "Forbes' 1426 billionaires count by declaring the year most favorable to become a billionaire. The amount of women billionaires also dramatically increased since 104 138.

If some body cells begin to grow uncontrollably at the expense of other cells and suck all of the body, medical diagnosis is cancer. In the body of the human society of the 21st stolenie, superrich play this destructive role.

In the medical treatment of cancer orient removal or destruction of cancer cells, in order to save the patient. In capitalist society, on the contrary, increase the status of the rich is seen enthusiastically as a source of progress. Cancer in human society is called a "generator of jobs" democratic political system and worship him.

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