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Quality of life and standard of living

Standard of living is a concept that characterizes the socio-cultural standards members of society compared with other members of the same community or in compared with members of other societies. As determinants are considered living conditions and the satisfaction of material and spiritual needs. The standard of living is relative, not absolute, depending on factors according to the assessment, and their interpretation: If the main criterion determining the standard of living in one take life expectancy, then Japan is the country with the highest standard in the world.

World’s Highest Standard of Living
"World’s Highest Standard of Living"

If the main criterion into the contrast between rich and poor, the number of obese, the number of incarcerated, number of private prison costs armaments markets for human organs and tissues, consumption energy and environmental pollution, then the U.S. is first in world standard of living. If the main criterion is the smallest contrast between rich and poor and the lower unemployment, then Cuba and North Korea are the countries with the highest standard of living in the world, due to its planned economy.

World’s Highest Standard of Living

If the main criterion determining the standard of living in one take account the amount of people with their own home, then Bulgaria (yet?) is one of the first places, while Germany ranks last in Europe.

Until annexation of East European countries in the EU, Greece has been a leading largest share their own homes, and Germany smallest share their own homes population. In Germany 90% of the population lives rental in major cities share tenants is even greater (perhaps 99%) at the expense of people the village, many of whom have their own house. If the main criterion to accept the amount of illegitimate children (ie permissiveness of women), then Bulgaria is the country with the highest standard.

World’s Highest Standard of Living

Richard Estes and colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania examined 163 countries in terms of 40 factors, including the medical, political public education, status of women, the cost of arming and protecting environment. According to the publications of Richard Estes in 2003, the worldwide quality life decreased sharply in the U.S. and India, although economic development. In 1990 (the Cold War) by Richard Estes, quality life of people around the world was better than today. In the mid 1960s the military balance occurs between the USSR and the USA, which is why period 1966 to 1990 the United States not to interfere in countries with leftist governments that fail during this period to implement nationalization. Characteristic of this period is the highest standard of living, lowest unemployment and lowest number of children born out of wedlock, both in the U.S. and Western Europe and in the USSR and Eastern Europe. Developments in electronics, particularly in security - surveillance, "Voice Recognition Software", "Facial recognition system", enable more effective control over the exploited and reduced their standard of living without the risk of riots and revolutions.
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