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Анаглифия Anaglyph 3D

Anaglyph 3D images:

3D-Anaglyph The Raven 3D-Anaglyph Financial crisis 3D-Anaglyph European Union 3D-Anaglyph The Hares and the Frogs
3D-Anaglyph The Council Held by the Rats 3D-Anaglyph The fox and the stork 3D-Anaglyph The Fox and the Grapes 3D-Anaglyph Cinderella 3D-Anaglyph The Raven And The Fox
3D-Anaglyph The Little Mermaid 3D-Anaglyph Money 3D-Anaglyph Market and planned economy 3D-Anaglyph Treaty of Berlin 1878 3D-Anaglyph The Rooster and the Fox
3D-Anaglyph The Hare and the Hedgehog 3D-Anaglyph Little Red Riding Hood 3D-Anaglyph The Wolf and the Lamb 3D-Anaglyph The three children of fortune
3D-Anaglyph Three Little Pigs 3D-Anaglyph The wolf and the seven little goats 3D-Anaglyph Bulgaria in a democracy 3D-Anaglyph Colour revolution
3D-Anaglyph The fox and the horse 3D-Anaglyph The oak and the pig 3D-Anaglyph The Cat,the Rooster and the Mouse 3D-Anaglyph Standard of living
3D-Anaglyph The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg 3D-Anaglyph socialism versus capitalism 3D-Anaglyph Electricity pricing 3D-Anaglyph Parasitism 3D-Anaglyph Hansel and Gretel
3D-Anaglyph Voting system 3D-Anaglyph The Piglet, the Sheep and the Goat April Uprising

Anaglyph is the oldest method of interpreting three dimensional stereoscopic s3D
images by color coding the image for the left and right eye. To consider both
coded images using color anaglyphs with filters: most often left eye - red, and
for the right - blue. Stereo image is formed by the simultaneous monitoring of
two images with glasses.

A major disadvantage of anaglyph image is improper rendering - the image perceived
by the viewer as monochrome. Eye adaptation to the specific conditions of perception
is relatively fast, but after 15 - 20 minutes the color sensibility of the observer

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