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Astroturfing Astroturfing Astroturfing Astroturfing Astroturfing Astroturfing Astroturfing

Internet cyber warfare exists, since there is internet.
Winners in it are not mortal, and wealthy gentlemen
and their mercenaries.

Astrotarfing is using high tech computer programs or specially employed paid users to manipulate public opinion on the Internet. Used to suppress the opinions of real people in web forums for organizing Internet campaigns that aim to create the illusion that large numbers of people would like something specific, respectively criticize something specific. Astroturfing established itself applies to goods or ideas, with a preliminary scenario dispute in which enemies confront imitat of mass public support. Some PR-agencies provide direct services Astroturfing. Prices vary between $ 30 500 fans on Facebook for a period of 2-3 days and $ 100 for 2000 fans for a period of 5-7 days. Astrotarfinga organizers are corporate lobbyists, viral marketers, technologists and policy, and the secret services of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, the disclosure of dissidents and their plans for social networks Facebook, Twitter and others. After the "fourth power" of the media, Astroturfing is often called the "fifth column of the Internet." Anyone who expressed critical opinions on the internet forums on the dominant mode was immediately bombarded by insults and profanity, the "sensible citizens." These "sensible citizens" are in fact supporters of the "50-cent party," with many Fake-Account. The Bulgarian net jargon are called cops Forum.

In China, according to The Guardian, employs about 300,000 astrotarfera and received for each post in the forums on the Internet for 50 cents fee ( 0.5). In the EU, according to British newspaper, forums agents receive a $ 5 entry. In the Bulgarian forums on the internet, each critical to the prevailing theme in the discussion included an average of 10 participants (for statistics on Google), which exhausts the possibilities of modern astrotarfing software. In March 2011 hackers from Anonymous, able to copy and dispatching korespodnentsiyata between U.S. security firm HBGary and U.S. Government. Correspondence is clear that the U.S. government is ordering HBGary "Persona Management Software", which program generates 10 fake online personalities. The U.S. government stipulates the infiltration of fake identities, social networks, not to be easily recognized by experienced users and enable users to be fakes, "found" all over the world, serving the U.S. military. From the letters of the company HBGary, became known and its clients: Department of Homeland Security and the US Special Operations Command. Managers of the company they worked for the arms industry - Northrop Grumman, as well as the CIA, NSA and military intelligence - DIA. Users-fakes are programmed to express opinions, to spread disinformation and pro-American propaganda, to participate in debates. According to publications of the "Washington Times" and "Guardian", the contract for "digital shills" gets another company by name "Ntrepid". 2.78 million dollars the company receives for building Potemkin villages for the U.S. military on the Internet. And the Pentagon shills should not write in English because this kind of activity in the U.S. is prohibited. But in Arabic, farsi, Urdu or Bulgarian shall have the right to write. Abroad should be allowed what the U.S. is prohibited. According to the "Guardian", Ntrepid contract is part of a larger project named "Operation Earnest Voice", which aims at conducting psychological warfare. In March 2011 the American magazine "Forbes" published material on the sale of U.S. software firm Booz Allen hamilton, on the Azerbaijani government. The program is able to register bogus profiles nesashtestvuvashi people in social networks, which help to reveal the real names of dissidents, who are also under false names to open accounts.
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