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Цветные революции Цветни революции Farbrevolutionen Colour revolution Revoluciones de colores Révolutions de couleur Rivoluzioni colorate Revoluções coloridas Barevné revoluce Farebná revolúcia Kolorowe rewolucje Színes forradalmak Revoluţii Colorate Обојене револуције Revolusi Warna
انقلاب رنگی ثورة ملونة 颜色革命 色の革命 การปฏิวัติสี Cách mạng sắc màu գունավոր հեղափոխություն 색깔 혁명 מהפכות הצבע Farve-revolutioner Fredelig revolusjon Färgrevolutioner Кольорові революції ფერადი რევოლუციები Revolució de color
Rebolusyong bulok Revolucionet me ngjyra
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Colour revolution

Color revolutions, also called "Corporate Revolutions", is a term that designates a series of massive street riots and protests of the population made a preliminary script and accompanied by professional PR-campaign, which in most cases end with a change of political regime in the former Soviet Republics , the Arab States (Arab spring) and South America, without military involvement but without violence. After the change of social system in 1989-1990, Color revolutions are the second phase of the plan geopolitical reorientation of former Soviet satellites. After the color revolutions are installed pro-American governments, most often based on anti-Russian rhetoric. For its part, the U.S. openly supported those regimes. Organizers of the colored revolutions Actors of color revolutions are young people who speak well agliyski language and studied in the West. In Ukraine, the youth organization called "pore" in Georgia "Kmarať in Kyrgyzstan "Kel-Kel." Their acts of civil disobedience coordinated by the most modern marketing methods and means of communication.

During the revolutionary activities, the organizers produced album daily updates that were distributed through reputable media BBC World, CNN and Al Jazeera, which fueled population to civil disobedience. Successful color revolutions led to success in the career of their organizers. They often received high positions in political governance: George Ugulava (Georgian გიგი უგულავა) and gigs Bokeriya (Georgian გიორგი ბოკერია). Scenario Colored Revolutions All Color Revolutions follow the pattern of removal of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in October 2000: After the Election, international organizations such as the "Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe" (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) and "Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe "(Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), puppetry under U.S. and Western Europe do not recognize the elections, declare them as forgeries, then should a new government, previously selected by the organizers of color revolutions. The name "Color revlyutsii" have one common identification color or flower. Formal color revolutions are legitimated as spontaneous, selfless movement for liberation, democratization and human rights. In fact, color revolutions have been long planned interventions aimed at infiltration and removal of NATO's presence in China and Russia in Eurasia. According to independent journalists and political scientists such as Ian Traymor, Frederick William Engdahl and Udo Ulfkotte, all revolutionary youth movements and color revolutions were financed and organized by the U.S. government, the U.S. Secret Service, and by NGOs funded by the U.S.. In their U.S. targets New World Order (New World Order), in the spirit of the speech of George H. W. Bush on September 11, 1990. Washington Post published material on "investment" of U.S. $ 77 million for the elections on 24 September in Russia. U.S. sends organizers of campaigns. One of them is Robert Helvey - "former" assistant to the U.S. Military Intelligence (Defense Intelligence Agency). American NGO "Freedom House", "National Endowment for Democracy" (NED), and private NGO "Open Society Institute" George Soros, provide billions of dollars available. Meeting in Tirana in June 2005 were funded by "Balkan Trust for Democracy", funded by the EU accession "Balkan Children & Youth Foundation" and "Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung" - organization of the German center-right party FDP. In April 2011 New York Times published evidence for the systematic training of young people by U.S. institutions. Named to the meeting in New York in 2008 with Egyptian activists organized by Facebook, Google and Columbia Law School. Sponsors of the Color Revolutions In the 20th century, the U.S. operates with the CIA, USAID (United States Agency for International Development), local collaborators and NGOs: "Freedom House" and "National Endowment for Democracy" (NED), and non-governmental organizations funded by George Soros first of all charities. Selection of leaders of color revolutions Crucial to the success of the colored revolutions is the selection and training of small groups, mainly young unmarried boring, "unburdened" of moral and patriotic "prejudices", worshiping material and external values, unable to process (des) information received from the media because intellectual level. After 1990 the post-Soviet space are distributed tempting offers advertised as "an international exchange student," "Student teams in the U.S. and England" programs work for students during the summer: "Work and Travel USA dlya studentov", "WEUSA Placement", "CCUSA", "Work Experience USA", "tycoon Donald Trump sends emissaries to choose the best students from our universities," etc. Of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of students visited USA & Co, the selection of promoters of street demonstrations and civil disobedience, is easy and cheap. They all pay their own transport there and back, and during his stay there work what is degrading the local little budget. Logistics in the color revolution Communication is accomplished by Prepaid-GSM-Handy, quick organizing groups demonstrating (flash Mobflash Mob). At the time, these countries 'unknown' reasons allowed anonymous registration of SIM-cards, which the Western democracies was never possible. Since 2005 the organization carried out through Internet, especially through Facebook-Twitter-and aliases, as well as movies from mobile phones on YouTube. During the "Arab Spring" in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, U.S. US Air Force, support internet and mobile phones using sophisticated technical devices in turbine aircraft C-130 Hercules (Lockheed C-130). Calendar of colored revolutions Successful Color Revolutions * 1953: Iran - "White Revolution" (Operation Ajax) * 1989: Czechoslovakia * 1990: Nicaragua * 1987-1992: Baltic * 2000: Serbia * 2003: Georgia's Rose Revolution * 2004: Ukraine's Orange Revolution * 2005: Libya * 2005: Tulip Revolution Kyrgyzstan * 2010-2011: Tunisia * 2011: Egypt "Kefaya" (كفاية) Still continuing Colored Revolutions Since April 2002: Venezuela 2005: Azerbaijani "YOX" (Green Revolution) From 2007: Myanmar "Saffron Revolution," From 2009: Iran's "Green Revolution" From 2011: Syria Unsuccessful Colored Revolutions * 1953: GDR "17. Juni 1953" * 1956: Hungary * 1968: Czechoslovakia - "Prague Spring" * 1989: China "Tiananmen Square" * 2001: Belarus 'nerds' * 2005: Uzbekistan "Bolga" (Hammer) * 2006: Belarus "Denim Revolution" or "Vasilykovaya Revolution" * 2008: Armenya "Revolution podsnezhnikov" * 2009: Moldova "kirpichey Revolution" or "Kafelynaya Revolution" * 2011-2012: Russia "Snezhnaya revolution" or "Myatezhom hipsterov" Causes of Colour Revolution "Disadvantage" of the continuous management of the same head of state is that over time he and his country gained its sovereignty izvastna. Practice in different parts of the world shows that the puppet presidents after a while they came up to nationalize the national wealth and minerals - owned by foreign "investors". It is therefore necessary, they can be declared by dictators and conducting color revolutions, be removed. Preconditions for the successful conduct of Color Revolution Attracting masses to street demonstrations and civil disobedience is based on primitive characteristic of the population desire for obtaining a shiny goods producing Member organizers of color revolutions. Lack of religion and morality among the population, promote their successful implementation: Success in the Orthodox or atheist or just Ukraine and Georgia, was not followed in Islamic Uzbekistan and Azerbaijani. Since the end of the XVI century, with shiny fake jewelry from glass beads, clothing and craft products, Western European companies (Royal African Company, Brandenburgisch-Afrikanische Compagnie), Africans lured to board their ships, then tied and driven to America as slaves. Fertile ground for conducting the color revolutions, is the fact that long-term management of the same head of state begins to annoy people and energized by the idea of ​​change, hoping that the political changes, and change their social status: When Alice in Wonderland saw red cat that looked good-natured, she asked him: - Could you tell me which way to catch here? - Depends where you go - said the cat. - It's where ... - Said Alice. - Hitherto is like who will take time - said cat. - ... Just to get somewhere. - Alice added to clarify. - Oh, you will probably get - say cat - but you have to go a long ... And after the color revolutions population still running and still does not know. Only know the sponsors of the color revolutions.

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