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Capitalism vs Socialism-3D
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Капитализъм,Социализъм Colour revolution
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The difference between Capitalism and Socialism

The word capitalism of Western European languages indecency. Term coined by Karl Marx to describe the Western Democracies.

The word socialism or communism, most often associated with the notion of polity in which no splendor and opulence and men are not attractive because they have "secondary sexual characteristics".

Definition of socialism:
"From each according to ability,
each according to his labor."

Definition of communism:
"From each according to ability,
each according to his needs."

Definition of capitalism is:
"Since the majority according to market demand,
some in excess of needs."

Communism is a society in which there are thieves and prostitutes, because there is no money, there are plenty and everything is free. While this vision remains a communist utopia, the capitalist countries with a device it has long been a reality. Not for the whole population, and for a thin stratum of capitalist society - the rich. For masses contemporary capitalist society is dystopian.

Capitalism is communism for the rich, but for everyone else - capitalism.

Under capitalism, the rich do not have to work to survive and do not have to comply with the demands of the market, choosing a profession. With a wide choice of profession is determined solely by their personal qualities, and above all tastes.

Rich people do not seek work on offer, do not prepare CV to participate in the contest and auditions. For the rich, the very moment when born, know that when you grow up you will learn in elite universities, and even nothing will teach you the glory and become brilliant and great. I.e. for them there is no market economy, as they are planned economy and communism not just for five years, and five-year plan for socialism, and for many generations into the future.

"I always knew I was going to be rich.
I don't think I ever doubted it for a minute."

-Warren Buffett

Billionaire Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, famous for its promises when it died to bequeath his fortune to charity. But other billionaires promise the same - for example, the Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin.

* Hierarchy in society

In socialist society state system similar to that in capitalism, is divided into layers of rich and poor. The society has a pyramid structure, where those who are above living happily and carefree, and those that are beneath their legal services.

The lowest standing in the hierarchy society allows only free labor: law prohibits trading in human organs and tissues. It follows that a person only has the right to donate their organs, but everyone knows that the authorities illegally sold for exorbitant prices, but doctors transplantolozi working perfectly legal, given the death of others enviable income.

The most important function of the state in all societies is to keep imbalances in the distribution of wealth between classes and not to allow switching from one class to another. This is the main idea of the film Andrew Nicol - "In Time".

"We must be very careful when we speak of exercising
"leadership" in Asia. We are deceiving ourselves and
others when we pretend to have answers to the problems,
which agitate many of these Asiatic peoples. Furthermore,
we have about 50% of the world's wealth but only 6.3 of
its population. This disparity is particularly great as
between ourselves and the peoples of Asia. In this
situation, we cannot fail to be the object of envy and
resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise
a pattern of relationships, which will permit us to
maintain this position of disparity without positive
detriment to our national security. To do so we will
have to dispense with all sentimentality and daydreaming;
and our attention will have to be concentrated everywhere
on our immediate national objectives. We need not deceive
ourselves that we can afford today the luxury of altruism
and world benefaction... In the face of this situation we
would be better off to dispense now with a number of the
concepts which have underlined our thinking with regard
to the Far East. We should dispense with the aspiration
to 'be liked' or to be regarded as the repository of a
high-minded international altruism. We should stop putting
ourselves in the position of being our brothers' keeper
and refrain from offering moral and ideological advice.
We should cease to talk about vague — and for the
Far East — unreal objectives such as human rights,
the raising of the living standards, and democratization.
The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal
in straight power concepts. The less we are hampered by
idealistic slogans, the better."

George Kennan 1948

The principle of the distribution of wealth between countries is the same and within democratic states. According to a study by the German Government for Germany in September 2012, "Süddeutsche Zeitung" published data on 10 percent of the population - the rich who have more wealth than half of all Germany.

In 1998, the richest 10% of the population owned 45% of the wealth of Germany in 2008 in their hands are already over 53% of the wealth of the country, while 50% of Germans have to survive with only 1% of the wealth of their country.

According to the survey 40% of the population of Germany, wages have fallen in line with inflation.

For the period 1992-2012 private property in Germany of 4.5 billion euros, increased to 10 billion euros. The end of the Cold War and the reunification of Germany, a wealthy more than twice as rich. Parallel to the progressive increase of private property, reducing state ownership in Germany, according to the survey of 800 billion euros.

An interesting phenomenon is the fact that the poor do not consider how they could be Organize against those who are causing the deadlock status, and think only how to Iscar some money for the rich. Like pigs in a sty do not think that if you eat less, more slowly, to be fattened and will live longer.

The difference between pigs and
poor people is that pigs do not have
to work for slop which feed them.

* The myth of the American dream

In all social systems, since ancient times, government controlled study that "Man forges his own destiny" - Self-made man.

"Faber quisque suae fortunae."
Appius Claudius Caecus -
(340 BC - 273 BC)

It follows that if you are poor, it is because your incompetent, not because society does not allow you to get rich. Under capitalism has everything, everything costs money and if you have no money to buy it, own your own fault.

Language in which the rich talk to the rest of society is propaganda spread by the mass media, internet forums and art.

Since antiquity many works of art are steeped in myths touching unhappy people who were born in poverty and have become great and rich, thanks to the hard work or just coincidence (Cinderella).

* The role of the intelligentsia in the country

Like socialism and capitalism, critical of the government are intellectuals. The problem existed with the intelligentsia and during the slave system - sorry, in antiquity. Slaves were often better educated than their masters.

"Intellectual activity is a danger
to the building of character"

Joseph Goebbels quotes

In both systems, socialist and capitalist, are generally satisfied with the government people from the lowest strata of society - uneducated, uninformed, limited thinking. But under capitalism the majority of the population is satisfied with the system because the majority of the population is illiterate, but by hard work do not have time to think. In Bulgaria capitalism introduced paid higher education and reduce drastically the salaries of scientists at BAS and artists.

Invest in inteligenitsiya socialism, following the example of Che Guevara, which intellectuals became gravedigger of socialism. The smaller in number and more humiliated's intelligentsia of a country, the less dissatisfied with management and less risk of revolution.

"It is well enough that people of the nation
do not understand our banking and money system,
for if they did, I believe there would be a
revolution before tomorrow morning."

Henry Ford - founder of the Ford Motor Company.

Stupid Man comes from his own life, in judgment of others. Pig in a pen not think that boars in the forest, not spay or neuter them and slaughter them.

Despite the fundamental differences between the proclaimed socialist form of government and the capitalist, or as it is accepted for euphony to be called - a democratic form of government, both systems suffer from the same disease.

Communist experiment in fighting corruption, introducing anonymous admission to educational institutions, competition for employment, not long after becoming a farce. At the end of the 1970s at the Music Academy decided to conduct entrance exams behind the curtain. Candidates perform the same work and examination boards do not see them, just hear them behind the curtain. Due to the "errors" in the assessments, this practice is ended. Also in Western Europe are experimenting with holding competitions behind a curtain. But West are disciplined by the Bulgarians and put guards to monitor closely the order of entry of the candidates not to make a "mistake".

In socialism there is compulsory for all prospective students except entrance exam in the specialty and political test. Exactly what this political test, probably almost no one knows, because the exam has a symbolic character. Political exam is not measured at six-point scale, and only two ratings: pass / fail. And they fail to reduce the overall assessment of the other exams with 50 percent. To invalidate the policy exam Examination Commission estimates put those to be adopted by 75 hundredths higher than that should not be accepted. Moreover, an examination of the political candidate students are not controlled and most of them attributed to the "guns".

Western Democrats advocate civil liberties, and in fact become dystopian countries with total control over the population, modeled on the totalitarian countries of Eastern Europe. In 2012 the Dutch top spy Frits Hoekstra issued a book that exposes the career of the daughter in law of the Dutch queen - Mabel Wisse Smit. In his book Frits Hoekstra describes the development of the Dutch counter-style total control of the population, characteristic of the Soviet Union in the Stalin era.

Frits Hoekstra denounced novels of the Dutch Princess Mabel mob boss and drug lord Klaas Bruinsma, who was killed in 1991 and Bosnian Foreign Minister Muhamed Sacirbey, at the time of espionage and action in the Balkans.

In June 2012 Freie Universität Berlin published the results of conducted between 2009 and 2012 survey of 5000 students in Germany. According to published statistics, 40% of students in 9th and 10th grade, no distinction between fascism, socialism and democracy. This means that their parents are not at home delighted with the unification of Germany and the "protected" human rights under capitalism.

* Technological developments and the implications for society.

Knowledge of humanity and public goods Earth progressively increase. Along with the increasing wealth of the Earth, increasing the wealth of a thin stratum of society - the wealthy class. A relative and absolute poor more poorer and animalize.

The contrast between rich and poor countries is also increasing exponentially: In rich countries in 1820 were three times richer than the poorest nations. In 1950 godnina richest countries were 35 times richer than the poorest nations. In 1990 godnina rich countries are 74 times richer than the poorest nations.

If in 1960 the poor in Western and Eastern Europe were able to five years to save money to buy a home, then in the 21 century and 50 years are not enough.

It is estimated that some 400's BC, man has been able to produce more than they can consume. Since then, following victorious wars male prisoners were not killed and were taken as slaves.

If 2000 years ago a man was producing twice as much food than we could eat it nowadays produces 1,000 times more likely. But this does not reduce the number of hungry people in the world.

Automation and computerization increase labor efficiency and reduce costs PRODUCTION, and thus the cost of goods. But do not reduce working hours or increased purchasing power of the population only increased unemployment and the consequential reduction in wages.

In the U.S. for example, the minimum wage in 1968 was 1,60 Dollar per hour. Reduced to today's prices, $ 1.60 in 1968 could buy what the 2005 can buy 9.12 dollars. Then in 2009 the minimum wage in the U.S. is $ 7.25.

According to official German statistics for the period from 01.01.2003 to 30.06.2012 cost of living in Germany is 15.6%. A pension is increased by 6.5%.

According to the World Health traffic to the UN (WHO), for the past 45 years worldwide suicides increased by 60%. Men commit suicide six times more often than women.

The economic crisis in the Communist philosophy was characteristic only of elemental economy of capitalism. In practice, the two systems - capitalism and communism at the same time experiencing economic growth (1950-1970 period) and recession since 1973 (oil crisis).

According to some sources, the oil crisis, 1973 was a scheduled meeting in Bildarbargskata Saltshyobaden / Sweden to strengthen the dollar and the U.S. economy, and for this purpose it was created shortage of oil.

According to modern economists and political analysts, the economic crisis is not a disease of capitalism and the shock doctrine for mass privatization.

"We are on the verge of a global transformation!
All we need is the right major crisis and the
nations will accept the New World Order."

David Rockefeller 14.09.1994 UN Business Council

In 2012 the first harvest neoliberals "therapeutic" success: Honduras proposes to enclose part of its territory and to offer a blanket, bezdanachno, lawless use by foreign investors. The so-called "Model State", foreign concerns will manage its own laws, its own courts and its own police force - all subject to market principles.

In the socialist state system there are certain restrictions on the wealth of the rich, such as ownership of property. For example, in some post-communist countries of Eastern Europe, there are still limits on property tax large amounts of real estate. In one of the most democratic countries - Germany, relief from taxes when purchasing a home for their own use is canceled in the early 1990s (after the collapse of Eastern Europe). But when buying a second, third, etc. housing, ie for commercial purposes, then tax relief is significant.

Planned economy and restrictions on enrichment of the socialist state system produce shortage of some goods rise and shortage of extremely poor and debt-ridden people who are ready for any compromises with their health and their human dignity for money. Under capitalism there any goods and services and all sold for money.

* Project Management for the Masses.

Management of the masses in contemporary democracies with capitalist economy is based on the theory of Abraham Maslow. According to Abraham Maslow, human needs are pyramid.

At the widest part of the pyramid stand physiological needs - air, water, food.

The next level up the pyramid is the need for heat.

Further up - protection from enemies, ie own home.

Only when they are all satisfied, one thinks of social networking love.

Should the need for social recognition, fame.

More coming up aesthetic needs and even higher demand for power.

While hungry, naked and barefoot, do not think about politics!

Based on Maslov's pyramid, the first phase of the democratization of Eastern European countries, starting with the Western "investment" in the field of heat and power plants, sewage treatment plants for drinking water - a technique called "control points plan" (milestone plan).

U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs in its special study predicted that already in 2025, a third of the world's population will lack access to clean drinking water. An "investor" air is still interesting because of the physical properties and the inability to restrict access to air.

Should liberalize prices for electricity, heating and water, then a large part of the population have to take out consumer loans to support foreign investors.

Further monopolize communications, such as selling "Bulgarian Telecommunication Company" BTC to Viva (Viva Ventures). For comparison, the cost of a phone call parties are members of the EU is one penny at approximately the same standard of living in Bulgaria, and the cost of electricity and heating in countries where dictatorship is 5 times lower than in democratic Bulgaria .

Evrokratsiyata not spared and Greece. 20 years after the privatization of Bulgaria, and investors are directed to Greece to conduct "Katastroyka."

Mired in debt, Greece was forced to sell its power plants, sewage treatment plants for potable water, telecommunications. The result is 54.3% of the unemployed are young, most of the middle class and homeless, the rising number of suicides by 40%. The Greek government dramatically increased property tax, which can assume what they dish cooked by three Pharisees - The European Union (EU), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB).

Most people do not know that the treaty with the European Union lacks a clause that regulates relations with that country, if she wants to leave the EU.

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I
care not who writes the laws. "

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

But Eurocrats will surely offer the Greeks solution.

In October 2012 the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble EU made a proposal to open a bank account in Greece, which may be used only to pay the debts of Greece, but not for salaries, pensions and social services and health care - Aesop's fable The Fox and the Stork. The only free cheese is in the mouse trap.

Summary of European taxpayers' money will not help the Greek people and will help banks grant loans to Greece. In order for this assumption to hold and the next theater season plays out, horor scenario where Greece left the eurozone.

Evrokratsiyata not spared and Spain, with an official unemployment rate of 25.02 percent, 52.2 percent of the young. First German television program investigating in October 2012: Many of the Spaniards in the city are forced to sell her body to pay their bills.

It's not for prostitution, for the sale of hair, blood and eggs. Prices for human hair varies according to the quality and length between 8 and 500. Specializing in trade in human eggs and embryos is Ginefiv clinic with Dr. Victoria Villafáñez. Price for one egg - € 1000.

But Dr. Victoria Villafáñez explains that women can each month to seize their eggs. More than 3-4 times lifetime, otherwise women could become infertile.

Where capitalism does not need workers to form new "sectors" - hair, semen, ova and blood for sale.

Although Germany is the leading country in the EU industriyalna, Evrokratsiyata not spare the ordinary German citizen. As published in Dyuseldofr "Schuldneratlas 2012" (Atlas of debtors) are talking about 6.6 million Germans who are unable to pay their debts. That makes 9.65 percent of all adult citizens of Germany.

Under capitalism the state tame masses by measuring the satisfaction of their needs as prostitute dosed satisfying sexual needs of men, and if he has lost sexual interest in her and have children together, it dispenses meetings for children with their father, frequency and duration.

The most obedient, democratic state meets the needs of the upper floors of Maslov's pyramid. And for the naughty deficit creates even air - the prisoners at Guantanamo apply Waterboarding - the so-called "fake drowning" or "simulated drowning."

Waterboarding is a method of torture in which the victim's head is placed under water for a while until it suffocates and is removed in a very short time to take some air and then dipped again.

Physical properties of air are still dominant reason not to sell it to people. In the future, technological developments make possible air to be trapped inside the tube, then the democratic state will put the crane and "Air-" and will include air utilities - water, electricity, heating, telephone and internet.

In modern democratic society the people who work for a living, pay their money, they may make a living only a short time. Periodically briefly be allowed "a reprieve" - ​​rising wages and pensions to bring any benefits. Soon, however resumes economic crisis, inflation and unemployment.

Fake Drowning does not lead to visible external injuries, but leads to severe psychological trauma. Management of the masses by creating a deficit to meet the physiological needs of the seemingly leads to external injury victims. The consequences of "democratic approach" is to develop an inferiority complex, dementia, moral degradation.

Of workers, democratic state dispensing warmth, the prices for heating and electricity. Democratic state dosed quench the thirst of the people, the prices of drinking water through contamination of drinking water, to sell mineral water.

Democratic state dispenses and satisfaction of physiological needs enclosure through the elimination of state subsidies in the building and raise property taxes.

The existing practice of the socialist era, the state provides prefabricated housing for young families with children, in a democracy is an anachronism.

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