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The difference between "Cumshot" in porn movies and
political elections is that porn
end with "Cumshot" on the woman's face
and political parties begin to manage
masses with ejaculation on their face.

Voting system

Elections are proceeding in countries, regions and organizations to establish a representative or more representatives who have the power to make decisions or manage. Management of a democratic state is carried out by political parties. In countries with multiparty governance is established practice to be generated for parties that do not seek to govern, but only to discredit the other parties to the public. An example is the Marxist party in the Netherlands Marxistisch-Leninistischen Partij Nederland, established jointly by the U.S. and the Dutch secret service CIA and BVD. CIA campaign called "Operation Red Herring". The role of the party was to set the public against communism and to gather information about what students and intellectuals sympathetic to left-wing parties and to take repressive measures against them - mobbing, psihoteror, accusations of criminal offenses, etc. Until the elections of May 12, 2013 in Bulgaria are allowed 63 games by the CEC. The majority of these parties have never been able to enter parliament. For them it is not known how many members they have, whether they accept new members and whether there are supporters. What is known is that someone invests money in these games, but in capitalism money is invested only there, where they can make a profit. The device of modern democracies, elections are the only way to legitimize power and they are free of coercive elements, but not by manipulation and forgery. Exceptionally power can be legitimate without elections: In November 2012, the United States, France and Foreign Minister of EU recognize Syrian opposition abroad, led by Ahmed Muas al-Chatib, as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people. From the media learns that the Syrian opposition is represented by a council of 60 members, of which only four are known names, but have not known the purpose of this opposition. According to official sources in the last elections in Bulgaria, handing out fake voters prepopulated blyuletini and after voters "voted" returning "boss" really filed newsletter and get 50 bucks.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Great men are almost always bad men."

Lord Acton (1834-1902)

According to alternative sources of information, the governments of democratic countries, before being "chosen" by the people, have already been selected by Bilderberg Group. This hypothesis is confirmed particularly clear from the elections in Greece on 17.06.2012, and meanwhile established practice in the "new" democracies (Eastern Europe), for presidents and premierministri be offered in "select" multimillionaires. Perhaps people in these countries believe that it is the richest people would protect the interests of the poorest.

"Presidents are selected, not elected."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

And if political elections pose no risk to parasites represent at least a reputation for tackling stress. It is universally agreed that in democracies elections are handled. And as fewer people go to the polls, the more easily manipulated. Therefore the most important task of the ruling is through propaganda in the media, in online forums, to convince people in bezsmislennostta from participating in elections. Established practice in democratic countries, citizens hated to be shut down "by mistake" address registration, which are de facto deprived of the right to vote in political elections. Political elections are like a football game. The winning team earns many millions, and the defeated team - few millions. And the losers are always their fans. Both policy-makers and players have a lot of money and beautiful women who do not have fans. And if fans are organized not to visit the stadium for a short time players will be unemployed and their benefits will be distributed among their fans.

"If voting changed anything
they would make it illegal."

Emma Goldman

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