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Любовь Любов Liebe Love Amor Amour

Men want sex, women - money,
but the both most commonly found love.


Definition of love:

What is love? Love is the desire to be with loved every minute and be ready to go to the end of the world with it. Love is to feel happy about the presence of your loved one. Because you love and you care only loved one. Love is you not care whether a man will dream in a straw hut or in a palace of gold and diamonds. Love is you is like, whether they ride your favorite super sports car or bicycle. Love is you is like, whether your favorite exploits the labor of hundreds of failures or he himself is exploited.

What is love? Not love happiness depend on the quality of life that ensures a loved one or may in the future be secured. Not love happiness depend on the category of the hotel where lovers on holiday. Not love happiness be limited to the time of orgasm during sex with your loved one.

Love is an emotion

Love is a strong emotion that suppress or exclude rational thinking. Exclusion of rational thinking based propaganda, deceit and parasitism.

Love is an emotion inherent rights, and hope that in deadlocks suppresses common sense. Animals do not hope and when they feel threatened, they attack, regardless of the balance of power.
Standard cliche is the claim that love were experienced only people. As most complex organisms on Earth - people are most vulnerable when they are in love, and the simplest organisms on Earth - bacteria, antibiotics are vulnerable only during division.

  Love and evolution of organisms on earth

In the process of evolution of organisms on earth are imposed those who are able to adapt and adjust to changing conditions. For this purpose, the offspring is born in nazavarshen type and passes more lengthy process of education and training in order to learn from older. Becomes increasingly necessary for parents to care for their children because their children are born more immature and unfinished.

The main forms of sexual intercourse: monogamy and polygamy is more suitable monogamy as a parent is not sufficient for the growing generation. In apes - primates found both forms: Polygamy and monogamy. But while all animals as family remains unchanged for the specified type throughout their life, human form is changed, depending on the socio-economic conditions.

In men, the instinct of procreation, is manifested as love. The ability of men to fall in love, explains the cases in which women who have rich and influential parents fail to realize enviable career. Cui bono?

"Für die Frau bedeutet Liebe Macht,
für den Mann Unterwerfung."

Esther Vilar

"For a woman love means power
for men - obedience."

Esther Vilar - German-Argentine writer.

It is assumed that orgasm in women is a manifestation of the instinct of procreation. Women who can not orgasm in the presence of a man, as a rule have poorly developed maternal instinct. As far as known, females in animals do not get an orgasm.

In works of art, the main theme is the theme of love. In real life, chevek confront love more frequently than with prostitution.

Love is ideal,
prostitution and real.

And if the majority of people, the happiness of mutual love is utopian, it prostitution every confrontation, which love is idealized form of prostitution.

In a civilized society is adopted to motivate the desire for sexual relations or continuation of existing sexual relationship with love. And unwanted sex or the decision to terminate the existing sexual relations are attributed to lack of love, not lack of material gain.

In a civilized society is not customary to say that if a man abandon a woman means that he found more beautiful than her. Also it is not customary to say that if a woman forsake a man, then that has gotten rich from it.


The little girl asks her mother:
- Mom, what is sex?
- Sex is when a woman takes off her
pants and her husband gives her money
- Replied the mother.

And what is love? - Asked the girl.
Love - the Communists invented it, do not
pay money for sex
- Replied the mother.
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