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"Geld ist der Gott unserer Zeit und Rothschild ist sein Prophet."

"Money is the god of our times, and Rothschild is his prophet."

Heinrich Heine 1841

Money is a concept of equivalent value. According to some authors, money is not good, because they do not consume, and their ultimate goal is to exchange a product that is consumed. It is universally agreed that money over time are impaired, ie their equivalent value decreases. This phenomenon is called inflation. Modern Western European philosophers and economists explain inflation as a therapeutic tool against deflation. And the inevitable deflation as chronic disease capitalist economy, leading to economic crisis.

Initially, money was printed to replace gold as a medium of exchange. And the gold owned state printing out so much money, that money had a gold standard. Since the State is able to produce unlimited amounts of gold, the gold coating was considered guarantor of the value of printed money. However, human history knows case of hyperinflation caused by the felling of a large amount of gold - Alexander of Macedonia in antiquity. And inflation of female sexuality is still existed in human history ;-)

Later States entered a partial gold plating. In Germany, for example in 1875 the law had money third gold plated. In the United States in 1933 suspended the gold coating of the U.S. dollar and the citizens is prohibited under threat of imprisonment, to possess gold.

Bulgarian National Bank began to issue banknotes in 1885 and argues that there gold coating banknotes. Five years later it became clear that the experiment failed and the bank begins to lose its gold reserves. Between August and December 1894, Bulgarian National Bank decreased gold reserves of 12 million lev 2 million lev.

During transition to democracy in the 90s, the government of Andrei Lukanov "privatize" reserve currency of Bulgaria which led to hyperinflation in the winter of 1996-1997 year and the subsequent devaluation of the lev. To counteract, the government introduced a currency board in 1997 by pegging the exchange rate of the lev to the German mark 1 mark = 1000 lev. The CBA in turn leads to drastic decrease in unemployment and hence living standards in Bulgaria.

Nowadays no country of the world does not ensure its currency with gold backing that no woman in the world not sexually active at the moment of ovulation. Member print fiat money.

The currencies of countries with developed industry have only commodity coverage and those with developed sex tourism, such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania and Thailand have a "female coverage "of their currencies.
And the countries in which neither industry nor sufficiently beautiful women, they have a currency board.

As for the woman most intimate secret is her menstrual calendar, for the state most intimate secret is printing money.

And in the U.S.A. is not even a state secret, because printing money is done association of individuals who in 1913 founded the Federal Reserve Bank. J.W. McAllister says that 80% of the Federal Reserve Bank belonging to eight families: Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller, Lehman and Kuhn Loeb in New York, Rothschild from Paris and London, Warburg of Hamburg, Lazard Paris and Israel Moses Seif of Rome.

Economist Thomas D. Schauf confirms this theory, adding the names of William Rockefeller, Jacob Schiff and James Stillman, as separate individuals, which has a huge share of the Federal Reserve Bank.

The role of individuals in the global economy is kept private and official media are in constant readiness to condemn any confessions as conspiracy theory.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the price of gold "unexpected" fall. At the time perestroika in Eastern Europe is in full swing and prepares privatization of half a continent. Accordingly, banks in Western democracies increase the interest rate and reduce money in order to increase the relative value of their currencies, which will involved in the sale.

In the late 1990s, privatization in Eastern Europe and popriklyuchila banks Western democracies reduce the interest rate under the pretext to promote investment in the industry.
We need buyers of goods produced declined, so reducing relative value of their currencies, thereby increasing the relative value of currencies of Eastern Europe. Accordingly, the price of gold during 2003 2010. is increased three times (against Western currencies).

In the early 21st century, through appropriate financial manipulations, lowering the prices of real assets. Which may suggest that prepares sale of the last remaining property of the poor - their homes. While in Western Europe and the U.S. rents and prices purchase of property only slow the pace of growth, then in countries like Bulgaria after 2007, real estate prices fell on average by 5% annually.

After introducing the European currency "Euro" price of gold rapidly growing and in 2011 reached a record in the history of mankind. German experts predict impending hyperinflation, which world government will collect people's savings.

"Whoever said anything is possible with money,
the only proves that he has never had any."

Aristotle Onassis

What you can not buy for a lot of money,
you can get for free with a lot of lies.


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