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The wonderful beach

This we shall go through trouble

Tell, the Snow Maiden where you were


I twist pedals

Here then you will regret

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Свирель да рожок

Song Atamanshy

Orange song

Children dance song

The present friend

On a secret to all light

The harlequin

When my friends with me

March of cheerful children

Песенка мамонтенка

Twice two four

Together cheerfully to walk on

Learn to not mumble

Two cheerful geese

Greyish goat

In a grass the grasshopper sat

The song of the crocodile Genes

There was no winter



Wood Deer

Romance of turtle Tortilla

I do not know, when the spring will come

The chief

Help the hippopotamus

Two Oaklets

The ridiculous little man

Song of a cat

If you are kind

The big secret

Let always there will be a Sun

The dog was gone

Mr. the Bug


The gentleman of success

Saushkin's Song

Song about a cheerful wind

In the world impossible happens


Blue railway carriage


Long live a surprise!

There is no time to grow old to teachers

To that learn at school


Lullaby of the she-bear


Song of the Ivan-stovemaker

The woman - a hedgehog

Farewell waltz

Winged swing

Sacred war

Three tankmen



March about the Native land

With what the Native land begins?

Situated near Moscow evenings

Here birds do not sing

Sergei Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf

Бородин "Половецкие пляски"

Мусоргский "Картинки с выставки"

Римский-Корсаков "Полёт шмеля"

Хачатурян "Танец с саблями"

Бетховен - Лунная соната

Моцарт - Соната №5

Дебюсси - Арабеска

Шопен - Вальс маленькой собачки

Джордж Гершвин Рапсодия в блюзовых тонах

Франц Шуберт - Экспромт №4



Me often ask, why on my website Children's songs only from Russian authors there is. I like very much songs from others authors: For example from German, French and American composers. But all these composers are in territory of the states in which law allows to use free of charge to people product of the author only in 70 years after its death.
And still to me told, that the European Union prepares for the law, that the police secretly through the Internet, considered the information which to be in a computer at people. Therefore, children from poor families cannot even listen to music any more. Well, for now Belarus will accept in the European family, probably programmers are able to look through the Internet not only what music at your on a computer is, but also what shorts color today on you are dressed. Therefore, already it is time to us to start to save money for shorts of different color!
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