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October Revolution
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Октябрьская Революция Октомврийска Революция การปฏิวัติเดือนตุลาคม Oktoberrevolution October Revolution

October Revolution

On October 25 (November 7), 1917, under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin in Russia takes place October Revolution, as a result of which Russia over the next 70 years is managed by Soviet, communist government.

After the February Revolution in 1917, Lenin, using the most conservative, right-wing political circles of Germany, one secret share is transported in plobmiran wagon in Germany and Sweden to Russia. Tsarist government in Germany at the time was aimed at destabilization of Russia and its exclusion from the First World War, after which free German troops from the eastern front, to be transferred to the west. Lenin later denied receiving support from Germany, even more than the enemies of communism.

Lenin was active in Germany back in 1899, inspired by the idea to issue propaganda newspaper abroad to be smuggled imported and distributed throughout Russia. For this purpose, Lenin chose Munich, relying on the help of the German Social Democrats, but also for the transport of newspapers distance to Russia is not so great than Paris or London. For the upcoming publishing, Lenin settled in the most prestigious district of Munich - Schwabing, on Ungererstraße 80. Initially, Lenin lived in Munich illegally without a passport. Later the Bulgarian Socialist whether his Bulgarian passport Dr. Yordan Yordanov. Whether there really was a Bulgarian with that name or his passport was counterfeiting, to this day do not know. It is known that Lenin in Munich was not interested in the bohemian life, which at the time flourished in Schwabing. A central place in his life represented the Bavarian State Library (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek of Ludwigstraße 16), dealing with works of Wilhelm Liebknecht and Karl Kautsky, but also with statistics on agriculture in order to develop a concept for the role of peasants in future revolutions . And in breaks Lenin was walking with Krupskaya in the English Garden and the river Isar (where nowadays summer sunning themselves nudists). In 1901, Vladimir Ilyich and his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya, populate the Schleißheimer Straße 106. That is the same street where he lives and Adolf Hitler, but at different times. Hitler came to Munich in 1911 and lives of Schleißheimer Straße 34. Quarters of its Lenin attaches Hans Kaiser, a worker who was also a tenant and lived in it with six members family. 85 years later, Hans Kaiser remembers their sub-tenants:

"Es waren Russen, der Mann war blaß und gedrungen,
fast ohne Haare; die Frau etwas rundlich, mit einem guten,
bäuerlichen Gesicht."

"There were Russians, the man was pale and stocky,
almost no hair; Women slightly plump, with a good,
peasant face."

Many authors agree that Lenin played a key role, without which the October Revolution would not take place. Like ascribe merit of Vladimir Putin to raise the standard of living of the Russian people and restore the international prestige of Russia, after the sale started in the era of Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

Putin himself in front of the media recognizes that Russia is no longer in this miserable economic situation, as in the early 1990s and so it is not forced to dance to the tune of the West, as well as other eastern European countries. That is no reason for Putin to improve living standards in Russia, but there are objective reasons.
October Revolution
There are conflicting estimates of the Bolshevik Revolution: for some it is a national catastrophe, for another great progressive event in the history of mankind had a huge impact on the whole world. According to conspiracy theories, the October Revolution was financed by the US to prevent the victory of Russia in the First World War. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first American president who recognizes USSR. The claim that the October Revolution was a creation of American-Jewish zadkulisie is propaganda cliché. The aim is to convey the fools that everything that happens in this world is scheduled from the US. Lenin's decision to execute the king and his family without trial, caused outrage among Western democracies. Those democracies that the same scenario kill Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and their sons. At the end of 1922 it is becoming increasingly clear that the capitalist drive of the West is antagonistic relationship with the world's first socialist state, both in terms of politics - internationalism against colonialism, and in terms of economy - market against the planned economy. West and Japan tried unsuccessfully through military aid to whiteguards to remove the Bolsheviks. Very quickly the USSR itself as leader of the Communist International, which threatens the West with the World Revolution.
Vladimir Lenin
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