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Европейский союз Европейски съюз Europäische Union European Union Unión Europea Union européenne Unione europea União Europeia Europar Batasuna Europeiska unionen Den europeiske unionen Den Europæiske Union Euroopan unioni Europese Unie Unia Europejska
Evropská unie Európai Unió Uniunea Europeană 欧州連合 歐洲聯盟 الاتحاد الأوروبي اتحادیه اروپا यूरोपीय संघ 유럽 연합 Liên minh châu Âu สหภาพยุโรป Avrupa Birliği Європейський Союз Uni Eropa Еўрапейскі Саюз
Evropska unija Европска Унија Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση
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Alice congratulates on Day of Europe, all people on the Earth!

The Treaty of Lisbon is Europe a European federal state. José Barroso,
the European Commission Päsident compares these most existing EU with empire.
He emphasizes that there is a difference with previous empires, namely, that
this time the member states voluntarily give up their sovereignty.

Many people are unaware that the contract with the European Union lacks a
provision to regulate relations with that country, if she wants to leave the EU.

The European Union (EU) is an association of democratic European countries,
to ensure the preservation of peace, by stationing missiles and troops on the
eastern EU border and enforce the pursuit of wealth, through savings measures
in the social sector.
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